Livestock products

In Poliester Melció we have over 20 years in the world of farming, producing a high quality product from our experience and that of our customers.

Livestock products - Silos



The silos made of polyester are especially recommended for offering a number of advantages such as resistance to corrosion, perfect evacuation, totally smooth interior, condensation preventing, visible content level and external temperature resistance.

We have silos of different sizes, suitable for containing grain, salt, feed, etc.








We use a special resin with light stabilizer to increase shelf life, making them more resistant to the passage of time and atmospheric phenomena.

Normal windowLiNormal windowCamera window (5 cm.)Camera window (5 cm.)



White painted doors with 5 mm of thickness with stiffening ribs. Special for closing warehouses and pens.

Standard doorsStandard doorsFarmyard gateFarmyard gate 



Respiraderos For ridgepole closure, interior or exterior, in both flat as in V.

V-shaped ventsV-shaped ventsPlane ventsPlane vents


Calf box

Made of polyester reinforced with glass fiber. Gussets in the four bottom corners and painted white on the outside

Livestock products


Air deflectors

Made of FRP (fiber reinforced polyester), placed in windows allow airflow without letting in light. Painted in white outside and black inside.

Livestock products


Chop boards and loading shovels

Chop boards with guidelines for manure pits, manufactured with de requirements of our customers.

Loading shovels, with high strength thanks to its thickness.

 Chop boards with guidelinesChop boards with guidelinesLoading shovelsLoading shovels